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530 Charlotte Street, London, ON

About Us

Since 2014, Big Bike Giveaway has given out over 750 bikes to the community, for free!

Big Bike Giveaway is organized by a husband and wife team in London Ontario who are local community ambassadors. They collect and repair bicycles and give them away for free on one day each year. The goal of the program is to get as many people on bikes as possible and to encourage healthier lifestyles in the community.
The program is intended to specifically help those needing this resource to get ahead due to poverty. 

How it works

our 5th anniversary and it will be held on SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 30 at the BOYLE COMMUNITY CENTRE at 530 Charlotte St, London, ON  

* arrive early to avoid disappointment * limited quantities available

REGISTRATION OPENS at 9am and the giveaway starts at 10am.


MEC will provide bike tire checks and seat adjustments.

Squeaky Wheel Co-op will provide resource for bike repair and education.

CAN-Bike will provide helmet fitting.

Old East Village Riding Group hosts weekly 11am ride - all ages & abilities

London Public Library will provide children's activities.

Fanshawe Paramedics will provide first-aid services.


English to Arabic language interpretation available.

Everyone will be sized to fit a bike at registration.

Wristbands will be issued based on sizes available.

Bands get you into the bike area but do not guarantee you a bike.

Children under 3 feet high will start receiving their free bikes at 9am.

General giveaway will commence at 10am.

Your wristband number will be announced by speaker.

You must attend the bike area immediately after number is called.

The London Arts Council will host a bike thread art activity for all.

London City & Fanshawe Police Fnds. will provide security.

Helmets on Kids program will provide brain injury and health education.

London Transit will provide education for bikes on buses.

Bike Registry Service will be available to register your bike.

JACK 102.3 will provide music.


Londoners come to the event and get sized up for a free bike that fits them. The concept is simple, first-come-first-serve and there is only one bike issued to each person. The person must be in attendance to receive a bike as they are fitted to the bike before they leave. Big Bike Giveaway takes it to the next level by reserving the first lot of bikes for people currently working with charitable organizations and have been deemed in-major-need of community support.

1. First-come-first-serve
2. The bike must fit you to receive a free bike
3. One bike per person 

1. Arrive to the event early to line up as it is busy and we see over a thousand people in need at this event.

2. Registration opens at 9am and you must line up to register, sign a liability and photo/video waiver and get a wristband.
3. At registration you will be sized for a bike. The person needing a bike must be in attendance. (Example, a caregiver cannot get a bike for their child, their child must be there to be fitted).

4. You'll receive a wristband to get into the bike area. The wristband gets you into the bike area but does not guarantee you a bike.

5. Once you have a wristband, you are welcome to roam the park. Please stay close to the central speaker system. Starting at 10am wristband numbers will be called out and you must attend the bike area immediately or your number will be given to another person in need.

6. You will go into the bike area and pick from a variety of bikes sized for you. If the bike fits you it is yours for free.

7. After you get your bike you can have MEC check your tires and seat height for safety. You can also visit the helmet area and our partners (CAN-Bike & Helmets on Kids) will give you a helmet (limited quantities available) and fit you for it.

8. Family activities in the park are free, including the OEV Ride at 11am.

9. Food and beverage will be available at a cost (all funds to charity, Boyle Activity Council & Forest City Velodrome).

10. We appreciate any monetary donations you make to Big Bike Giveaway. This helps us continue our free program. There will be volunteers in the park available to accept cash/coin donations.

11. We encourage you to bring a folding chair and umbrella if needed as it can be a long wait to get through the line.

12. Washrooms are available outside the centre (north end of the park).

13. First-aid is available in the west parking lot by Fanshawe Paramedics.

14. Want to learn to put your bike on a LTC bus? London Transit will be at the east side of the park to show everyone how to do this.

15. Bike Registry Service will be available  for you to register your new bike in a North American database. The cost is $5 and funds go administration and donations to Big Bike Giveaway.

*MOST IMPORTANTLY please treat our volunteer staff will kindness and gratitude. We have over 100 volunteers, sponsors and partners that donate their time and money to make this free event happen each year. We facilitate an inclusive, barrier-free environment which fosters only positivity and appreciation. All those not respecting the positive concept will be asked to leave by security.


Big Bike Giveaway first repairs used bikes and this can be expensive. Donations from the community are appreciated. All funds received go to purchasing parts to repair the bikes (tires, chains, tubes, brakes etc.)

We appreciate cash donations at the event, but for those who want to make an online donation, please visit

Community Sponsors & Partners


and be a part of #MakingBigThingsHappen

The City of London

London Police Association
Tricar Group
Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving
JACK 102.3

London & Area Used-Bicycle Donors

Boyle Activity Council & Community
Forest City Velodrome Centre
Goodwill Industries


Squeaky Wheel Co-op

Old East Village Riding Group

London Cycle Link
Helmets on Kids

London Arts Council

London Public Library

London Transit Commission

Fanshawe Paramedics

Fanshawe Police Foundations

WesternU Experiential Learning 

London Celebrates Cycling

London Bicycle Cafe

Wheels & Gears

Outspokin Cycles

Ken Jones Signs

Bike Registry Service

(London Insurance Brokers Association)
(One Extra Guy)

(London Middlesex Health Unit)

(LHSC Brain Injury Road Safety)

The City of London

London Police Association
Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving
Forest City Velodrome
Boyle Activity Council

The City of London
London Police Association
Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving 

Forest City Velodrome
Old South Community Organization
Old South Business Association
First Cycleworks
Tricar Group


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Big Bike Giveaway

London, Ontario, Canada

(519) 200-5496

2018 Bicycle Collections


  • June 10
    Ilderton Community Centre
    13168 Ilderton Rd, Ilderton
  • June 15
    London Bicycle Cafe
    355 Clarence St, London
  • June 16
    Springbank Gardens
    205 Wonderland Road S, London
  • August 12
    Westmount Mall
    785 Wonderland Rd S, London
    NE parking lot